Centered Off Balance


                 Tetter-tottering mind,

                 like a child,

                 I sit there,

                 caught between

                 the ups and downs,

                 centered, off balance.

                                                     A precarious perch,

                                                     where the weight

                                                     of heavy thought,

                                                     is never taken off,

                                                     but only tips the scales

                                                     in neither direction,

                                                     only remaining lopsided

                                                     and unsymmetrical.

Its a struggle of sides

and will,

that cannot be alligned,

to a central point.

                                                           It just rests,


                                                           waiting for either

                                                           the heads up,

                                                           of the ascend,

                                                           or the nose-dive,

                                                           of the fall.

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