The Autumn I Fell

Soul Poetry

To life, I hung,


yet hopeful,


to my last shred

       of hope;

my flesh

now toned

to a blushing crimson,

       the effect,

       of too many seasons

in the sun;

my veins,

       closed off, having dried

the moisture from my core,

leaving me brittle

       and arid inside.

I waited for that

       final blow,

the one that would send me


into a pile of crushed dreams.

       My time had come.

I was too soon, blossomed-

       too young, I matured,

never knowing

how quickly

       my span would end.

       And then it happened.

I let go.

For there was no use

       in clutching

what I knew

was never really mine

       to keep.

It was an end,

       to a beginning,

a finish

       to what had started.

It was

the Autumn

       I fell.

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