These Things That Mock


I walk----wandering,

upon rocky shoreline~~~^^^~~~

"caw, caw, caw"

of mocking birds,

(where seagulls should be)

swirling over my head.

Drops of blood stain the sand,

dripping down my chest,

from where Cupid's arrow protrudes out,

angled sideways inside my heart.

I yank it out, with a scream of pain

(which is mocked by the birds)

I toss it aimlessly into the ground.


gaping hole bleeds out-

red puddle forms in the sand.


In between large rocks, lie a rose bush...

drawing nearer, the scent of lilacs emits

to my senses, from the red pungent flowers.

Confused, yet seeming to know,

I pull off a large thorn,

to plug the gapping hole, that opens my heart

to all kinds of vulnerabilities.

Instantly, my wound heals,

as the roses transform-

now a lilac bush, in full, aromatic bloom.

I bend to pick a handful,

place them in my hair,

as a wicked wave slams down upon me,

carrying me forcefully, out to sea~~~

and leaves me treading, trembling,

in the icy waters.

'I'm going to die', I think to myself,

'drown in this sea of mass confusion.'

~Fear fills my soul......

Suddenly, my feet touch bottom,

as I realize I stand in water, only 5 feet deep.

Throwing my head back in laughter,

I walk my way back to shore-

-bloody sand washed away

-arrow now soaring through the sky,

(thrown by force of wave)

impales, one swirling mocking bird-

it falls to the sand,

with a thud____

looking at me, with pleading eyes.

I smirk-'You, who mocked my suffering,

now ask my help?'

'You, who left me standing, bloody,

in agony while you flew carelessly,

mocking my cries, now seek my assistance?'

Turning to walk away,

with a toss of my head,

the lilacs, I placed in my hair,

loosen and fall to the sand at my feet.

('They, so delicate, survived the wave?')

~Such utter confusion in this place~

Their scent still strong, blooms still full-

I pick them up...

and a feeling of utter peace fills me*.*.*.*

~The mocking bird cries out, still, in its suffering.

I kneel beside this poor creature, knowing,

I could never actually walk from its agony.

I pull out the arrow,

remove the thorn, from my now healed self

and place it inside bird's wound.

Mocking bird suddenly transforms,

into the handsome seagull it should be. ~*~

He takes the arrow, between his claws,

flies off...


miles out over the water,

drops the cursed arrow into the darkness

of deepest sea,

and flies back to me,

landing gracefully upon my shoulder...~*~

He speaks but once-

'It is done.'

I pet his soft wings, nod my head

in understanding

and we walk away, together,

never, to return to this place again...


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