Its Her Nature

Soul Poetry

This person that you see,

is one you do not know.

See I don't let many in,

or let the real me show.

I think you'd be surprised,

of the person that's inside.

I don't introduce her to you,

because its easier to hide.

She is a very caring person,

almost to a fault.

And that has caused her to be used,

so I lock her in my inner vault.

Its always been a mystery,

and I'll never understand why.

Some people take such joy,

in making her sad and cry.

When all she really wants,

is just to be a friend.

To help and listen and care,

and not be hurt again in the end.

But just like always before,

if she's needed she'll come out.

To be there for another,

because that's all she's about.

She doesn't look for a word of praise,

or do it for any fame.

And even if it turns out like before,

she will always remain the same.

She does it because its her nature,

and because her heart is true.

Promise me you'll be gentle,

and I'll introduce her to you.  

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