Simple Pleasure

On Life and Living

How mundane,

we tend to be.

Petty and lazy,

never trying to see.

The simple pleasures,

of life that abound.

If we only take a moment,

to look all around.

The senses come alive,

and make us feel.

The sights and sounds,

are oh, so real.

A bird in flight,

graceful and free.

A baby's laugh,

as he smiles at me.

A raindrop falling,

that hits you in the face.

A swan in the water,

with all its grace.

A breeze that hits,

and takes your breath away.

The joy of awakening,

to a brand new day.

A song that you hear,

and sing it out loud.

The face that you recognize,

amidst the crowd.

That fresh piece of fruit,

as you take the first bite.

The miracle of the sky,

going dark to light.

There are these things,

too many to mention.

That are so deserving,

of our simple attention.

So come and sit,

under a tree.

Let's share some simple pleasures,

just you...and me.

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