Still Missing You

Grief & Grieving

A year has now past,

its really hard to believe.

And yet for you, everyday,

I still remember and grieve.

I miss holding your hand

and seeing your smile.

Visiting with you often,

for even a little while.

I miss the way you laughed

and your funny wit.

You had sass and spunk

and quite a tenacious grit.

I miss hearing your stories

of all the years gone by.

I recollect them in my mind

and again I start to cry.

I miss so many things

about this person I loved and knew.

But mostly my sweet Grandma,

I'm still missing you!

Love Always, Cathy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of my Gram, Mary, who passed away  on June 4'th 2001. One year to the date I wrote this.

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