Face Value


Air brushed, re-touched

makeup professional,

hair...not one out of place,

healthy, shiny, lush

lips outlined,

eyes outlined

cheekbones highlighted

(tho sunken in)

she must stay thin,

push food away,

full after a celery stick.

Not an age line

no crow's feet

laugh lines absent

(phony smiles leave no lines)

wrinkles...what are they?

Blemishes hidden under layers

of foundation

or miraculously inconspicuous

(thanks to the wonders of photo artists)

Perfect smile, perfect teeth

perfect beauty

lashes long, painted black

each separated, no two touch.

Eyes try to look sultry

yet appear blank, void, lonely.

What price paid for such perfection

that only masks phoniness?

What value placed upon a face,

flat, un dimensional

on a glossy magazine cover?

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