But I Digress...


Aaah, but it was a sparkling morning.

Sun-kissed blossoms opened

on a sleepy yawn.

Small creatures scampered to and fro

in search of breakfast.

Blades of grass twinkled with tiny drops

of sweet, early dew.

Birds stretched their night-tucked wings,

chirpping a daybreak song.

Trees grew shadows, which lengthened

longer by the minute.

Upon the mountains, new foliage springs forth,

dotting the landscape in hues of green.

Off in the distance, beyond the hills,

early traffic echoes horns as commuters scramble to work. Oh, the noise and smell permeates the silence and stillness of the calm that surrounds me. Too many cars, so many people, all in hurried chaos. Impatient and aggrivated drivers, each wanting to reach their destination in record time. I can almost see their angry glares. Tension filled faces, hands tightly gripping the wheel in frustration, only letting go to share an unkind gesture now and then to fellow drivers...who maybe dared to take the place in front of them; via, 'cut-off.'


But I digress...

©Cathy Faist 05-03

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