Weep Not

Soul Poetry

Weep not for withered flowers,

they had their chance in the glow-

but weep for departed children,

who will never, ever grow.

Weep not for yesterday,

it remains in the past-

but weep for a future,

that long, may not last.

Weep not for the wealthy,

who have all and more-

but weep for the destitute,

the homeless, the poor.

Weep not for lovers,

whose heart each does own-

but weep for those people,

who remain all alone.

Weep not for the believers,

in Heaven they shall stroll-

but weep for the faithless

and pray for their soul.

Weep not for the strong,

for they have what they seek-

but weep for the searchers,

the timid and the weak.

Weep not for me,

I've accepted my fate-

but weep for yourself,

before its too late.

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