...Until You. Until YOU!

This Love



I was but a lost soul,
Who had no hope left,
Let alone any dreams.
Nor even the will to live on...
...Until You.
I gave up on love,
More so on, BEING loved.
For I was made to feel so
Unworthy and unlovable...
...Until You.
I lacked courage,
Was devoid of confidence,
And filled with self-loathing,
Till it literally, almost killed me...
...Until You.
I lived always depressed,
And lived suppressed.
A prisoner doing life,
With no way to escape...
...Until You.
Until You,
I was full of empty.
I was oh so afraid
And cried much too many
Tears of emotional brokenness.
Until You,
Were suddenly there
In front of my eyes,
Eyes that had longed 
to see you again.
Until You,
I didn't believe in me-
Or in fairy tales
And 'happily ever afters'
Or dreams coming true.
Until You,
Told me, you loved me,
My heart never knew such joy,
Never knew such elation,
And never knew such love!
Until You,
-The best part of my past,
Became the best part of my present,
Now, the best part of my future.
And even back then, I never loved...
...Until You.
Until YOU!



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