When I Re-Found You

This Love

It was surely an act of fate,
But I didn't quite know it yet,
That we would so, fully connect,
From that one day, we re-met.

I saw your so-familiar, handsome face,
And I knew it was really true,
That after so many, long, long years,
I was again looking right...at you.

My heart skipped, a flashback beat,
In remembered memories of the past.
The one guy I never got over, nor forgot,
I'd re-found once again...at long last.

But never did I ever, even dream,
What would come to us from that day-
That we would fall, so deeply in love,
In every single, magical, wonderful way.

For I found you at a crossroad-time, of life,
Of a very major life-altering and changing.
The ending of many, painful years,
For a much needed, life, rearranging.

And after that, you then surprisingly made,
Your very real and honest intentions known.
I could hardly believe that it was true,
You really wanted me...for your very own!

I truly know deep in my heart,
That God sent you to me, that day.
For He wisely knew...that only you,
Could love me, unconditionally, this way.

And He certainly knew, only too well,
That if there was ever, anyone for me,
That only my one, first, truest love,
Could my one last, truest love...ever be.
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