orange skies


you're handing me a dead rat
like a dog who is proud
I'm a child I just want my feelings to be heard out loud
warm orange skies
warm my cries
as the sun goes down on sadness
and all the doubts
drown out my logic and happiness
your voice
has all the power
your breathing is my life
your voice
is all the power
and my sadness
is like a balloon on a string
tied to my heart
and pulling it
with anti
don't make me beg for
an apology
and don't remind me
of my madness
don't give me logic 
I won't hear it
when raising voices
so unlike us
is tragic 
the orange sky
and the warm sky
leaves me in darkness
hugging my own madness
you're a proud dog
and I am all wrong
won't you untie this string from my finger?
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