Space Girl

I want to know about the alcohol you drink
and the fibers you wear
and what it feels/felt like
to cut your long hair
what kind of tea do you drink
what makes you burst out and laugh
is it inappropriate or do you just chaff
and what do you like to sing
and listen to
where are your favorite spots
and will you take me there too?
What sort of weather makes you feel most
alive or most at home
what life plot twists have helped you grow(n) (and which make you  groan)
What lovely and strange sensations do you seek out
and what topics do you find best to ramble and meander about
What things are sweet and which things make you shout out out
What is this feeling you're on the verge of
What cliff are you about to leap from
and oh oh oh
where did you go?
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written May 22 2020

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