Mommas Back


My life started out as a little kid
Hiding from my parents and the drugs they did
Just watching the torture and my family's pain
Staring out the window through sheets of rain
I don't miss the life and i never did
After years of dismay ive moved on
That life is gone
My fathers gone
And I've grown strong
My mother was gone but now she's back
After 8 years of abandonment the heart attacks
I dont know what to feel
My heat was crushed
But now i feel a rush of emotions
Deeper than any ocean
Fighting to control my heart
After the two halves broke apart
But my heart is so confused
I feel used and moved
My brain is too shrouded with confusion
I can't make a decision
I feel like there is no conclusion to this pain
My heart has risen but also sunk
Now my brain is stuck in the middle
I feel like im choosing between punishments like when I was little

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