Just let her in
She knocks, says please, let me in
Just let her in

The chronicles of an outcast/Skating thru the wood with 40s and some grams in his backpack/She pulled up and she said that she can take me home/She knew me from school and we had home room/Said she lives down in Madison close to the Wood/And her pops was an entrepreneur/So I step in, 16 with a dream that one day I’d no longer have to steal and sell just to eat/A flawless ass team and on demand a whore on her knees/In my canary Lamborghini/But I digress, what’s left is to say/That everyday them rides home brought out a lot of pain/She asked if I wanted to feel alive/And being dead wasn’t really the life/To have so I let her inside and went inside/Who knew of the spark that would rise/Who knew that I’d be in for a surprise

Let her in, let her in
She knocks, just let her in

A few years went by and some tears she’d cry/Because she found earrings in my brand new ride/Tried to tell her that I fucked up/And how I wish I never fucked her/Cuz I needed her/I agreed with her that some time away could help me believe in her/So I went my way/Who knew our days would come to end as she treated the wounds of a mutual friend/I wish I knew what to say back then/And I wish I had a Maybach then/So she could ignore my fallacies/My fantasies were blinding me/From what was my right in front me/My friend turned enemy
Let her in, she knocks, just let her in
And as I smoke my last square/I think of what a nigga coulda done to be there/Her curly hair was just enough to get me to stare/And I’d kill her new nigga just to have her give me another glare/I ask my friends for advice everyday/And I swear that I’ll never speak of that bitch and they say/You know self promises the easy ones to break/No one to let to down but us and we’re still okay/In a way I still, fantasize about her/If only I could get her alone for an hour/She said can I come over I’m alone to night/And me being by myself just ain’t even right/So I go to see her by the tree where we had our first meet/And I wait so I can give her a greet/In excitement I tweet/And I wait…

Just let her in
Just let her in
She knocks

Here I am feeling like we can review/All of our faults, absolve them and renew/I’d be more man if you can be more you/Drop your guard and I can finally get through

Can I come in? So I knock
You’re all I have, you’re the only friend I’ve got

I look up and see the high beams of a car/And notice your shadow aiming at my heart/Are you sure your aim can reach from the parking lot?/Are you sure we can’t piece together the broken thoughts?/What can we do?/I wonder why I’ve never seen this side of you/I promised that I’d never ever ever lie to you/You draw back and I can I see the hatred inside of you/Is that you?

Die Inuyasha!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For those of you that don't know me, this is my story about getting shot.

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