A Fool's Game

Feelin’ like a fool
To let you come around
And play your games once again
I’m not the girl
I was back when they worked
So take your games
And just walk away
Now you should feel like a fool
To be playing these games
Well look where they got you
On a path to nowhere
And to no one
It’s just you and your games
Feelin’ like a fool
When you’re all by yourself
Walking away with
All the games that you’ve played

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oddly enough this is yet another poem for the guy who has influnenced most of my poems...lol...i dont think ill be seein much of him nemore....to bad tho...when hes around i write good poems but also he makes me hate the male gender...lol....so ya Written 10-4-11

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