My Own Fairytale

Every time I read a fairytale

It starts with “Once upon a time…”

And ends with “…and they lived happier ever after.”

When I dream

I always dream that my life

Would end up like Cinderella or some other fairytale’s

I want to in

My own fairytale

So that a little girl would read about my life

I want to be with

My own “Prince Charming”

The one and only guy for me

I want to have

That “Fairy Godmother”

To grant me my one desire

I want to be

The most beautiful girl there

So that everyone would notice me

This fairytale of mine

Will always be

Just in my dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

writen for every girl that ever wanted a fairtale-like ending. written  08-02-2004

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