The faded walk

For the time has come to play the drum of vines and sand amor


The icon of the title in the power of the whore


She looks upon with gazing eyes the target of her desire


Clasping firmly on his wallet the payment of this wire


Chicklet, chuckle, shackle, wrap


Ting and tang with a walla-walla-bing bang


All e's do that die the frame of the watt in the eye


Nice dreams, one fate, one reason for this date


Will it be $100 bill or the pants on his neck with a scream and a shrill


Vicodin, Ambien, divalproex, Effexor, too tame


Cocaine in effect...


Make nice, play nice --- the girl did rape


The entry point of madness in the mode within my fate


A graveyard of all places she took me to despair


The impregnation of her womb while I lay unconscious bare.


The memory of the fated night when I lost my virginity


To a whore that saw nothing better to do than to take from me what I need


My purity, my path, my walk in gladness tides... Now 15 years have passed


all the tokens of my virginity taken away by a slut with a crash.


Why did that fated night occur within my broken past, for it led me down a broken path


A path to which there is no draft...


I lay motionless in the doldrums of the windless frame in tide, while laughter rises from above to make my master cry.


We wince and whence the vestige prince of pallor neutral fate... The beckoning call of master mains the reigns of signs and dates..


I break away from fallen tries the substitute for all that cried my omen lost in her despair for all she needed was clean underwear to


wisk away the deed that night that made me sink down to the deepest ocean crevasse or some abyss beneath... I dream no more of virgin




I used to take pride in my white linen robe now stained with all their blood --- the 3 women who took my faith and drug it through the mud...


Oh let's not forget the man who did knock me over the head unconscious... Raping me to his delight while an 8 year old slept right beside...


I woke the next day praising hours of unconscious confusion... Temptation filled my eyes to see the night of foreign mystery... Why God did shield my eyes


from the night of that dismay... I lay here now at 38 ---- celibate and broken to the core --- how know this I that day shall ne'er come when I should engage in business with a whore… For all the rape and misery I have endured as a young man… Turned me now cold to ideas of love or places for the man…


This isn't over either..

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