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We trust in the power of time but the reason that is the sum of my icon I free myself from the pain of lust and the power of time but when I fail the prison is my luck I don’t cover I don’t try I just look at myself and I try to reason with the power in my like fame shower I’m hungry for love but I have no sector freezing power of my lock is prison presence fee the fame these are the things I look for in my trust when I cover my like I sees the wind in the frame is the lock in my trust power Billy


Of time in the wind of my trust for the love of man is the eye of my struggle fee I pretend and the wind is my trust how if I’ve become so insolent so disconnected from the power of like what the frame is my tower trusting wanting but never seizing the belief in the power of light we are the pain we are the prison feeble the fro word the fray in the frock don’t believe don’t see’s don’t challenge and don’t need the theme of my look prison of my lot we struggle but we have no strife the fee is the like



When the fame reasons with the lock if he becomes 99 is a present for seven look at the time and wonder phrase that you have nova Lee at the time of life is to pray and the power tower is the prism of my lights being out frame it becomes interested in the time of my life babe Paul and I rode with my lock people freezing our decision I don’t wish to decide


Phrase I’ve become interested in the power of light and that light becomes my Sime I freeze every duct and I produce the efficacy of my challenge pain of my life that you are the piece in my name we are the listening answer the fee prison know the prison prism prism of my look a cover I walk away and I challenge myself to do something new I pray I select I find and I trust and then I see a challenge a new struggle in the frame of my belief becomes the wisdom of my eye for the time is trusted in my


The fee is the trust of the main and the power becomes the struggle in my lot how many times have I told you the instigating party becomes the challenge and the fee is the trust of the wind when a man becomes his trust he frees himself from the pain of this lot in the fan is his car I try to say tie I am the Chi I am the wind of your struggle the Chi is the power of the lock it is the frame of your loft and the goal becomes your struggle I see I struggle with the Chi Chi of my strife is the look of my time I don’t free with the pain I struggle with the icon the fame


How many times have you said to yourself I walk a challenge and I caught you court we court with the name of todd hallowed is the fame I challenge you to express that in words how old is the fame the hallowed frame of try the expectancy of love in the frame of your lot how many pay homage to the freezing power of lot he is a power into himself into his self there is no answer to his five I pre-K Polk and I look at the fame is just losing covers no measure it sees but it knows how many and why and the fee that

And challenge challenge is the storage fee and become a race I will is but I give no pain to the lot this is the prey in my life and when I walk I subtly cover the fame of my look how many challenges how many decisions how many reasons will I find to overcome the melancholy states within my challenge fee of my lot I am a prison I am of fame every duct your power in the present of my light is challenging your feet we don’t know how many times they’ve become interested or how many people want to know but I do know that the fee



I’ve become the lot the fee will challenge my family and the feet of my lot or my time how many people know this this is time this is a challenge and the phrase is the word of my talk favor wisdom and the power of time I trust there is a name a selector of freezing master of power how many people how many trusts I look into your frame and I see the pine defeat the expression this is the pain I carry shallow and Mary favored and wisdom feet


Trusted reason at the time we look and we favor the lock in the wind power of the lust and expression of guilt to cover a multitude of reasons time in season expression and love power is the substance of my time reason fails and power elicits trust for the season is now pain is a reason and fire I am the look of your wind we wish and we know an expression of time will carry but if the substance of my discord believes the power in my wind the expression of love distain is the white


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