fairy fellow maerry mellow, betwixt between the taper arrow


lot and rust, main or bust


too little, to late: the space i mate check... vine or bereft

soul inclusion... faster - fusion


master mate to know the fate of my fate


the fate with not to know the date


dasper dalling, whisper howling


want with taunt or tawny browling


master moze to know my tows, toes and thing with which to blow


somber mellow - trusted fellows


fainting faster master hallow


berry bellow, mister lego


give me brain and fame to farrow, pharoh


fester plot and messer schmot, shallow sallow of gin and tallow


igor island favor finland... oslo temper and iceberg kremlin


mister date or mr fate, master pleaser pleasing blate


born again to rustic blend of faster fissle funds and press the tongue


lumber little, slumber file dashed beneath the lumber aisle


his god, my man the semper sand december night of fervent flam


buoy bumble lester tumble kush and cushion of the temple


nigh per bose belitis flose


amper pilar flos to nos


nostomas axis tremolis faxis es trebune tempolis fepatis hopsis


opsis gnosis rexis optis


obscura dialis send triopsis




opus laxis no fectis opterand covalent action of my hand


cobra triune axion rose, delightis more and trumps to fore, ground of sound


humble hound please trope my might in sepsis 


action delectis


operand of ampersand, know thy land is aperature of the light


december night, so fervent in repose - delightis not my aperposéé


loch of lear sumber fleer. lear of jet and action fear


i walkest not in slight or sear but fexis is trinomen queer


aesel of my able frown quixotic in your slumber sounds


lomis aptis omen fractals  see vysin topic axion roman



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