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The Clovers and the Sun
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The Clovers and Sun
The clovers are like the lucky keepers of the sun’s very radiance of its very reputation of bringing both the immaculate and also the culmination of the plants, trees, and the bees the pollinate the world with both joy and happiness, and the sense of endless gratuity toward nature and how it helps and nurture’s us every day.
The Taking of Fears and Tears
The fears and the tears that we sometime experience can both uplift our minds to both the spiritual awakening of what we may not understand and what we may come to understand in the future. If there are not fears and tears, then we may not have reason to see what may come.

The Leprechaun
The Leprechaun is both wonder and also the keeper of the thrill that mankind sees when he desires both what he wants and is still desired, and the true essence of what may come to those who aspire to follow the light and truly reason the meaning of flight, not just out of the bird-like, but rather the temperament that comes from being permanent to a goal.
Cookies and Brownies
The bakery is both the source of cookies and often brownies, although most do not take it as fakery, the true feeling that comes from the satisfaction that is within can become more the tie that binds to something greater than just what we can taste.

The Why and the High
Why would we try to understand the high when we cannot reason out the why? The reason is only the true essence and benefactor that will grow to fruition of the high that leads to a more courageous and also significant journey that both balances the high and why in a never-ending circle of both reason and understanding of ourselves and the life that is both the giver of our Why’s and High’s

The Man Eater
The man eater is what we make of it, and although our true nature is to find what is eating us and what may eat us, it’s the truth that leads to both the cycle that creates that hunter and hunted.

Pictures of Karma
The karma that is both the very feeling of knowing that the fall could be coming is both the culmination of the next door that could lead to a greater lesson in both handling our aggression and regression of both a better life and less strife.

The Three Folded Feeling
The three folded feeling is both the love, determination, and also the pride that builds when we use ourselves to find out only the answer to are questions, but also the key to conquering our fears, and creating new feelings that come from the three that we sometimes must also flee, but also need to be truly free and to see a brighter future that may be before us.

Finding the Pieces
The pieces that are apart of out lives not only tell a story of what we may need to find next to truly get to the next phase of the puzzle but it’s both the little clues that unlock what we may not see yet for good or for worst.

The Essence of Genuine
The genuine truth about what we do in our lives can come from both being not only true to what we know we can achieve, but also knowing that optimism can break the barrier that leads to both our sense of being inferior and also aware that we can find the feelings of the truth just by doing so.

Monitors and Sunlight
The monitors that we see from both the windows that we experience throughout life can be both a window to the soul of the world around us, but also the caution of both being optimistic in times of rain, and keeping out head up in times of sun.

The Gold and the Old
The treasure of finding gold can make both old not only in our attempt of finding a spirit of temptation rather than a spirit that gives us everlasting life, and the ability to ending the strife that both creates life and also the life that can be from both the spirit of happiness and joy.

The Simple and the Ample
It’s simple that both the fire and the depth that leads to what is the ample, but rather creating a sample of both the need for love and understanding and the righteous beauty of knowing there is still more to be desired which is the space that can be filled with both our simple needs and ample ones.

The Ample Apple
The apple that is ample can be out taste of what we know is the real reality of the life that is before us, but also the apple which was bind to the tree that is life, and we only are taking a piece that is ample.

The Fear of Bear
The fear of bear is both man and animals sense of not being able to link what makes us whole as one world, but also more importantly the gap that has developed from both development and lack of temperament for nature.

The Stars and Signs
The stars that we see in the sky can make what we see not only in the pictures that we can create in out minds, but also culminate with others to make the signs the may to come or have already and pasted in the cosmic pattern that is life itself.

Cows and Meows
The sounds that we commonly hear on a farm may do us no harm, but the charm that comes from being more in touch with simple things can make us feel more in touch with the love of life.
Castles and Cast Away
I sometimes feel as if I could journey to a castle far away and cast myself away to the wonder that is both inside the castle in mind, but also behind the curtain of being certain of my direction while I am cast away to land that will lead to the castle that may someday be mine.

Giving up to Unwrap
I only give up to take my energy to a higher plain not in the sense of using my ability to be better, but to only create the dream of unwrapping what I have given in return.
Christmas and Christ
Why should Christmas be just about presents when I could both know the true gift of god by being thankful for things I have, and being less miserable from the things I don’t have.

The Rifts of Gifts
The gifts that are natural to both ourselves and also the world bind us to both the rifts that can make shifts and gifts that have through time existed, but rather been missed.
The Pinocchio Soprano
The soprano that is the sound and the voice that creates the rhythms of both what should help us know truth could also be the factors the allow us to be free and not flee from both the servitude of truth that we must endure to be one with what the vision of happiness is, and not just the puppet that is our conscience.

The Train of Rain
The train is the deliverer of the goods that our daily lives depend on, but they also can represent the very essence of the continuation of the fluctuations that continue to drive the most natural part of our conscience which in turn moves the heart into the cycle that is both a train of goods that are within all things.
Why I Write
I write not to fight any particular injustices, but rather to build the tools of both empowerment and enjoyment to be both satisfied with what I know as my experiences and the experience of creating fantasy and reality in a bind book.

Getting the Grip
Getting grip can be not only a physical premise, but also a physical compromise that takes both the energy and synergy of others and to be able to come to grips with are physical as well as mental, physical, and even the metaphysical.

The Point that Leads to One
The point that leads us in the right direction is the finger that sometimes we would like to associate with, but sometimes is rather the one that comes of the higher plain than we associate as plain.

Seeing Deep and Leap
The leap that leads us to the deep is the never-ending desire to find a layer that secretly leads to another in a never-ending tunnel of life that both is learning and reaching for the way to get in, and sometimes how to get out.
Why the Fiction and Action
Fiction is without action moving toward sometimes what could very be sudden truth, but also not leaning towards a conclusion, but rather only a story and action without fiction is simply the search for what may be the truth, without the story that guides us to it.

The Gold is Sold and not Told
The gold that we think of may be the seemingly true key happiness to many, but if the truth is both told and left old in one’s heart than the old that is left on the outside is the benefactor that keeps our desires and wants the guardians of out heart.
The Time and Rhyme
Time is the rhythmic pattern that glides both the rhythm of life and the movement of nature as one, and one minute can equal both the time it takes for rhyme and time to start over for the many facets of the understanding of life.

I Desire to Have it Told
I desire to have my stories told not for the sake of having gold or riches untold, but rather to be told that I created something could last through the ages as something truly golden and everlasting.

My Action on Life’s Actions
My action is life action’s to let intimidations and tribulation only pass through my soul to make beautiful music through my writings in a never-ending harmony of per strokes, and the stroke of genius that come from feeling that I am the best, and the best is yet to come.

Good Things and Bad Things
The good things sometimes come with the bad and vice versa, but in all truth the good and bad is both the balancing act that keeps the everlasting motion of life going strong and allows me to see what I and others may be doing wrong so their can be an understanding of wrong from right.

I Can Be the Best, and See the Rest
I can see the best of myself by not seeing the rest that comes from knowing not only my destiny, but also rather my destination that I control through both my inspiration and aspiration that is not only from me, but also the rest that I need.

The Pain of Gain
I sometime realize that although pain can often bring gain, I most often come to terms with the fact that gains that I create from both the goals and aspirations that I have achieved only inspire me to reach something that will allow me to understand my true significance to overcome pain and achieve gain.
Glow of Love
The Glow of love is light that shines from both above the clouds that illuminate the sky, but also the very love that comes from the glow of all things from the flowers, showers of rain, to the gains that fill are hearts with love and joy.

The Simple Pleasure and its Treasure
The simple pleasures that we find come from both the stroke of harmony that arrives every time I creates a new idea to brighten the darkness that is the cloud that only covers what I may find as a treasure.
Significance and Life
Sometimes life has many things of significance that always come to the greatest terms with, but life must stay in both a timeless act of detriment to both the acts the world thinks is wrong, and ones that could only make us strong, and do us no wrong.

The clouds seem so distant, but I see the sky move away from what I know is the sun, and suddenly I find a new meaning for me, and I have to say that I could only stay just a little longer, it’s this pattern of love, but life has just began when I suddenly find new meaning to myself and world’s away suddenly in a grasp of wind that moves to a new direction, and suddenly it has created a new world for me.

My Inspiration
My inspiration is from only the things that I write, but what I know as the articles of the world that gently bend my consciousness to sometimes other worlds that I contemplate and both put down on paper, but also keep in my mind as my inspiration for something better to come.
What I am, what I do
I love to write not just for checks, not just for the money, but in my greatest desire to really feel as the accomplishment is the testament to achievement of my reasoning to cope and even review the experiences of life.

Less is more and more can be less
The more I think and the more I write the more I would like to take a flight perhaps to the moon, and loom on the simplicity of knowing that the quality of work is equal to the value of hard work I put in, and to learn that although more can be less, and less can be more, it’s all the more certain I will have more and not less in my worth and responsibility in the creative process.

Value and Loyalty
Value can be the way that both signify the loyalty that have for what you love, and the loyalty that have for your own values within. The act of loyalty is neither the negative aspect nor a truly social aspect, but the respect that comes from the culmination of all things working together.

Work and Rewards
Although I know that my hard work as writer my someday eventually pay off, that rewards that are truly the symbol of achievement simply knows that I will be recognized for doing something, and that’s the reward that is satisfying to my desire.

The Serene Picture
The serene picture is a happy place of both knowing that the demands of both Earth and time are moving toward a cosmic pattern of greater visions of a destiny that reveals that picture of new reason and a peaceful destination.
The Scribble
A scribble is the bliss of the simply joy that is within us when we learn to relax, but allow ourselves to free up reason to sometimes create something better or to let it fly away up far into the sky and the clouds above.

The Staple
The staple of my desire is to be one with whatever I choose to be and what I choose to achieve as the poet and writer, and to further seek what I gladly would take in return to create something I would love to share with others.

Flowers Blooming
The flowers blooming, night and day, weekend to weekend, hour after hours and they sing verses that are pollination of the beautiful visions that the surroundings and the very essence of music of my soul.

Trapped and Rapped
I feel the traps of both the sunlight that hits my face as am rapped in the sun as the sweat drips from my forehead making the ground wet as I am yet to work in blazing sun looking from the glory of accomplishment that I am trapped under.

Sheep and Sleep
The sheep that I count are the basic experiences that I have seen from faces to places to things that I have known, will know, and may never know. Even though the things that I do not know now are not coming yet, I see the sheep in dreams that I feel and see.

Stay Longer
I sometimes wish that my dreams would continue and stay around longer in my mind perhaps so I do not have to feel the real complex feelings of the real world, and stay in a world where the complex has more meaning and enthusiasm.
Care about Time
I sometimes think about the time as an endless switchboard in the sky that seemingly never ends forever and a day without pardon for any of life’s actions, but also the essence that must occur to change circumstances and perhaps move mountains aside.

Glimpses of the Future
I glimpse into the night looking forward to my fortune in the horizon as if it was a treasure box somewhere in the sky waiting for me to fly to it and reach it. I grow my wings to reach this goal with both the power optimism of my side, and also the wings of the angels above me.
Great Deeds and Decisions
I looking forward to seeing the day when I know the world knows am at peace, and may accomplishment be sediment in stone to those great deeds and decisions.

The Crabs on the Beach
The crabs on the beach are like the feeling of knowing that even though my opportunities may still be small and short at least their at my feet biting me.

Simple Joys
The simple joys are being where the sun is always shining, a place with lots of shade, and the place of both good times, and better times ahead.

Tied up and up
I always feel the tide of information and love for what I do when I am tied up and up into seemingly endless arrays of both gratitude and appreciation for my work which is the very apprehension that keeps with the flow of my ability to create.
Stored In
The store is my thoughts, my feelings, and inspirations throughout just the feeling that I know what’s in the store of both the optimistic and also grateful since I optimism for life.

What I Feel
What I feel when I write is what I feel sometimes when I cry, when I laugh, and how I try to see the other half of other perspectives that I encounter throughout my world and my life.

I Can’t Feel It
Sometimes I can feel passion, and sometimes although I can, I am still in the denial of not getting to know the true passion that is the great thoughts that embody me to the fullest. I can’t feel it without knowing the touch of someone else’s touch of someone else’s hand to guide me to true feeling of importance.

Give me the Day
Give me the day, I can make something great with my hands that I stroke to find only more inspiration for the very aspiration of doing what I love, and I am the follower of the day that pushes to only a fuller conclusion of the night.
Don’t Quit
You shouldn’t quit on your dreams just someone interferes with the dreams that you want to fulfill. Attempt to fulfill their cups as well to gain a greater return, but leave the cup half full to tell them the gratitude and compassion is both an open space to be filled.

Picture This
Picture the sun, the moon, and even stars all appearing at different times, and try to put them in a somewhat inside pattern of both the important matters in life that can be places as if it were a picture.
Attitudes and Interludes
The attitudes of man and the interludes of experiences in time reveal what we may have done in the past, and how they reveal the world as your stage to achieve greatness in the accordance of love and devotion.

Stop Signs
The signs that we see to stop are the symbols that we can all store as the need to calm down, and see what is below us, and as well as above us.

Cherries and Fairies
The cherries that are on top of the trees and the pickings of the fairies that we sometimes never knew existed, and even the time of day is the optimistic sense of purpose that guides us to a certain cherry to be picked, not necessarily by hand.

The Soda Pop
The Soda Pop is both the pop that tinkles in your mouth, but also the pop of the flavors in life we sometimes don’t know about. We taste the flavors, but sometimes it’s what we feel that is the pop, is the pop that brings new ideas and good feelings.

The Best of Me
The best of me will very likely be in the years to come, but I enjoy doing this work to the best of my ability, and the work is my ability to do an even better job in the future.

What Seems To Be
What seems to be, is what will be if I truly put my mind to it with being unruly and truly honest is what I know is truthful, and I feel that sometimes what I know will come, is what will be and the answer to what seems to be.
The Glue and Clues
The glue and world keeps me in is my inspiration and my chance to explore reality and not just to deplore it, and feeling it is just a bore.

Still Standing
I am still everywhere that my mind sometimes cannot reach, not from physical calluses of the belief’s and disbeliefs of the earth, but also the very associative feeling that build’s when the true reality of a better day comes through standing tall in my mind as well as body and soul.

The Green Light
The green light is always there if I can see that although life’s promises sometimes can be reality through the immaculate giving’s of self-righteousness, understanding, and also the optimism that keeps the world alive, and everything turning.
Get Away
Sometimes I want to take my soul to a higher plain to reach only what my mind can dream about, and to feel the mind give essence to the fuel of my soul which is love, happiness and even spiritual awakening. It gives me peace when I get away, but not necessarily leaving the depths of land, but to near a higher plain that comes from the reaches of my soul and body’s acceptance and peace with my mind’s reality and so on.

Somehow, Someday put it in today
Someway I feel that somehow the change in the day’s essence from moon to sun is like the feeling of my mind drifting from being energized to retired in my sleep only for a short while, and I think about the way’s that today is the equalizer and very half of only the peace and balance between the swing of thought and peace to make resemblance of something that goes back and forth reaching every part of our past, beginning, and future although the future is never really seen, but rather felt by the actions the balance the harmonious sun, moon, and stars.

The Great Big Conjunction of Creativity
The great big conjunction is the function that can create a fabric of creative systems of only the processes that we know as the feelings of love, optimism, and also power. They come as fabric like cloth that can be torn by misunderstanding, but can also be resolved by changing the system of the words that define out spirit, our creativity, and the world.
Staying Humble
I stay humble in the rumble of not the essence of my patience being swept by the windy feeling of the loss of spirit of a change in the very concern of how I feel about life and the useful and the useful balance that is occurring humbly in its culmination being more of a challenge and better strength that comes from within. Being humble brings what balances that subtle culmination of the endless spirit that guides right and wrong, whether we see changes or day and night or the very essence of all mankind’s actions fold before us.

I keep it Self- Explanatory
The poem of life is not always about struggle to be accepting of just cause of our own self-righteousness, but learning that self-explanatory thought of just realizing that many of the positive outlooks on different idea’s that culminate from what we approach as odd or different can lead to something that better explains why the view of something and someone is sometimes only to be self-explanatory in the weight of our judgment and appreciation and satisfaction for nothing more than to have an explanation.
If I Could Only Dream
If I could only dream what is to come, then that makes my conscience tougher in faith for the known, but also the unknown dreams that many come by giving my soul, body, and mind time to reveal with patience and ingenuity the actual embodiment of what my life my bring.

Never-ending Scheme of Devotion
I devote my time to feel and also realize that devotion can build a sense of belonging for community my spirit, and the spirit of others. Even so much the devotion that is not only symbolized by the need to be heard, seen ,and felt so much realized when it’s brought to ourselves, and others through patience and understanding.

State of Mind
The state of mind that am in, is the state of only truly blissful messages of joy, and even laughter that comes from the more often branches of my conscience with the self- giving state of learning, being free, and the human feelings of pure joy and nobility to one’s self and others.

I like cars, but also learned that they can take us to new places by letting us move to new establishments and locality that heighten out experiences with nature, civilization, and the world through its pictures that move to another state of peace and prosperity within ourselves.
Break Down
Break down the walls of history, circumstance, the overwhelming system of only partial mishandling within the daily and eternal cycle of trust, distrust, simplicity, nor simplicity, and the reality of breaking down the thoughts that of the creator’s and users of what is broken down through words, rhymes, expressions, and afterthought and allowing it to be offered to the most humble message of the spirit of life, and to remain in the more often not dismal passion of the build up that strikes our feelings and emotions through rare redemption, passion, and spirit to the very break down that leads us to understanding.

The monster that is within may only be calmed by the music that soothes the beast through quiet satisfaction with the keys of life that come from the piano, that is the movement of civilization, matter, and time itself.
Don’t Stop Trying
Don’t stop trying to be who you want in life, and see only it’s strife as the tie that pulls so you may use it to pull the needs of understanding with the landing of misfortune through the nature of being humble to your capacity of redemption, and not just the use of the tongue that feeds the fire of misfortune.

So, So, So
So, So, So I say when it seems like it’s too late to keep the only thing that removes the something and sum of parting ways with the distant creator of my living and breathing dream that is one with the reality of only so much to gain, and so little to lose, but so much to actually accomplish through so much pain, but also joy that is one with the dream of yesterday, and the future of tomorrow.
Only Real, and What I Feel
What I feel can only be real throughout the years by giving a certainty to the feeling of the special gift that god has given me to practice a craft as very old and timeless, and indestructible to the sarcasm of the many and few who may attempt to create the feelings of negativity, but only the follow up to a more conscious creativity that is the bond between what I feel and what is real.

Why does the apple fall so far from the tree? Why does the apple provide us with the nourishment of fruit? , but yet provides the juice that helps spark the flame of love, joy, creativity, and laughter in so many ways that push the winds of life to other points and other places where apples fall from the tree to prove yet another spark of inspiration that guides us to a better and endless journey of interesting places where the apples are abundant in the nourishment of spirit and happiness and the provisions of life.

Creates the Crate
The crate of goods through which the great god of time that is the holiness and spirit of pride and also wealth within the great crate, and which there is fate that waits for all who seek it.

Even When
Even when I feel that world has given up on me, dealt me some bad cards, or just let me see only the negative aspects of life, I take the very essence of its rain and use it to fuel my burdens and self-doubt into something useful, bright and positive, by sharing the sun that is my giving of hope through opening the window that is my forgiveness and happiness.

Seeing, but Hearing
Never seeing, but hearing sometimes the grand opera of the sweet musical craft that only seeks to guide my own self, and the wealth of my own building that is the culmination of everything seen, but also hearing, ever the materials that may not be within the realm of sight by rather in my mind the music that is made through the harmony of my soul.
History, Mystery
Mystery that is lying is the history that could unfold the dreams of yesterday and tomorrow throughout the bridge that is within the forest of our life, and the strife that brings life to the things that bring fruition to the mystery in the life of the world.

What Dreams May Come
What dreams may come throughout life may unlock the door to so much than we can comprehend if we can only see that comprehension is the left side to the essence of right which is the retaining of the dreams that balance all of the things in life.
Although I am not a fan of the ones who attempt to go against my final works and thought processes, I attempt to process those feelings into something that allows me to see what I may be doing wrong, so I can further see the road ahead by allowing those blocks of questions and comments to a both a true detriment to what needs to change, and the change of the rhythm of my life and work.

100 Writings and Counting
Even if I write one hundred writings or a thousand that’s only bring a thousand more feelings of the space that I could still leave empty for others to create an environment that builds success and creativity through the time of life.
So Much to Do
There is so much to do yet I am only ready to do when I can build the strength to keep these feelings of happiness and provisions of richness in my mind through the guide of my spirit and the attitudes of bring optimistic.

Staring at the Window
I stare at the window and I often ponder what tomorrow may bring, if it will bring good hope and fortune, and if it may bring a rain that in a flash washes away bad times, and brings the good through the ocean that both certainty and the uncertain.

Working Hard
I work from the bottom my heart accomplish the thing that I want. I take the feelings of things that I want, and create them into a rhyme of schemes that are the eternal and everlasting vision of my world.

Shedding Light
The light that sheds the bright looming sunshine upon the face of the earth is the life by which the plants from the clovers to the dream of our world get there starting through the light that sheds the truth of both the physical needs of the givers and takers that receive life, and mental needs to provide the light of progress in the realm of reality itself.
War and Peace
Sometimes there is war and there is peace. How can harmony be reached when the war of our mind cannot coincide with the peace that builds through creating a common ground in the nexus of the mind’s inscribable intricacy through which the deeds of man are brought out to create war and peace, and the pieces of the puzzle that are the mysteries that are between our feelings of war and peace.

I try to make everyday worth my while. I see the time that is reflected as my worthiness and worthwhile memories as the most passionate and unraveling keeper of the ability and capable intricate ingenuity to try and produce the possession of both my everyday worth, and worth that comes from my time as am trying all of the things that make up the world, and the things around me.
Crops and Stones
Crops and Stones are the two elements of both the earth and my very thought within that connects with my existence to grow new life through optimism, and overcome pain.

Rabbits and the Flowers
Rabbits hop through the woods so gently moving through the fields and the flowers taking time to feel the sweet, but intriguing essence that is flowers which bloom out upright into the two dimensions of both nature’s love and the immortality that come from both the truth of the love between ourselves and the creatures that protect the harmony of the nature that is life.
Cameras and Cables
Cameras and cables that shoot the flight of a kite that is so high above the tranquil and everlasting beauty of the momentous sky. The kite flies above the blue and bright sky so high to reach the heavens, so brilliantly through our cameras and the cables.

Not Alone
You are not alone with the essence of optimism through the spirits of both success and the takers of distress both on the wings of the world and nature balcony so bright in the sky.

Patchwork, Patches
Patchwork and patches make the fabric that ties both the inner feelings of our love for one another, and essence of being both together and to love one another for the quilt that is always being sowed through the grace of the maker of all things.

Stones of Life
The stones of life are the keepers of what is covered beneath out great self-worth, through both trust and the compassion of life everlasting.

Sunflowers of Eden
The sunflowers bloom to produce what is the very light that harrows beneath and above the Eden that is the once harmonious world that is both man and the creatures of Earth’s beauty that should keep with a very timeless, but everlasting promise that paradise is but a very small, but smooth and faithful and surprising journey the never ends except to see that sun from our peace with life.

Long Road, Easy Living
The road of life may seem long without the guidance of some companionship. But, the easy thoughts and the easy living of the life we may wish to have is best created through knowing that sometimes the road we traveled is enough to bring peace with the desire to find an easier way or method to reach the road ahead which may bring doors that may open new thoughts, and joys of happiness.
Capable Horse
The horse is but a great animal that can make the capable road fuller of pleasure to reach a journey that is filled with the capable inner workings and feelings within us.

Wonders of Art
The wonders of art can be both tempt and even sometimes bring a presence of the temptation to create our own patterns of reality with ourselves, that way the reality that we may only dream, and be made possible throughout the visions of the world, and the visions of tomorrow.
Portrait and Stars
The portrait is stars that are within this very eccentric and eccentrically done system of both dreams and visions through the stars that project the eyes of both the artists of time, and the ones before us.

Keeping track of Time
Keeping track of time is like guiding the culmination of the essence of the creations that are my decisions and the opinions that are made every day.
Lighthouse and the Brightness
The lighthouse that shines the brightly lit, and very peaceful sense of both relaxation and the ever growing feeling of both satisfaction with the guidance of a light that shines not just bringing ships at bay, but to also brighten the day.

Matters of Opinion
The opinions that matter the most are the ones that can both bring peace to my mind’s sorrows and ones that help to create a subtle, but peaceful and powerful gravity within travels through the opinions of time, society and space.
What is earned?
I earn those things that I work for, so I bring the joy and the gratitude from both me and others to something that will be shared and welcomed to make joy for others to build on, and earn with their heart’s desire.

Growth of Flowers
The growth of flowers is the art form that represents the changes that we may reflect in our minds for others to share or to keep a secret for the growth of visions and the enlightenment of wisdom.

Gardens of Love
The gardens of love is like that everlasting essence of beauty that keeps the green and fertile growth of love and creations at perfect harmony to build a world that can be enjoyed by all who may seek it’s guidance. The garden of love creates the feeling that is always everlasting to be shared.

My commitment to the world is both the strength that comes from self-worth through the samples of both my outlook on life and its look of the commitment that is brought to me.
Memories and Shared Ones
Memories shared can uplift the sadness and create the feelings of the great mysteries and truth’s that will always make up us and the nature of everything that is known.

So Far Away
So far away is the ocean that breathes the subtle and blissful air far away into the push of both time that stops and the truth that will be revealed by nature itself.
Tapping into the dance which is the rhythm of life is the energy that we can find from giving the outer world a push through inspiration and the rhythm of variation of the loved sayings that was the wish would be our last dance to make the show our own.

Don’t See
Sometimes I cannot see the sorrow that may come beneath the wings that are both my truthful feelings of strength through optimism.
Great Sunshine
The great sunshine before the Earth is like the symbol of a bright new day shining before me, and everlasting until the time that may never end, and may only end within the limits of conscience of all things.

The Clovers
The clovers are a symbol of the luck which can be the meaningful guide that brings us to a light at the end of life’s rainbow.

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