VINCENT VAN GOGH                                            


Oh Vincent, too soon you said goodbye               

Each time your love rejected, emotions set awry                                                                                                                                                                                     

Your hand above, the lamps hot flame                                                                                       

To prove in time, your love won’t wane                                                                                        

Each failure then, became your bane                                                                                                     

That memory faded, but love, came not again


Your brothers love, the only one

Throughout your life, you counted on

And those few friends, which once were close

Each in their turn, did you dispose

Like those bad seeds “The Sower” threw

Were tossed aside, and never grew


Regressing shades, of grey from white

Lights that flickered, through the night

You became a somber, tortured soul 

You tried but could not, find your role

The acceptance, which you hoped to find

With each descent, you lost your mind


On your release, from “Madhouse Garden”

Your senses dulled, your “Sorrow” hardened

You still envisioned, “Flowering Orchards” blooming

Contrasting days, frustrations looming

Shadows formed, in weightless plumes

From the “Old Cemetery Tower” and its tombs


Soon days of joy, your senses rouse                                            

Bringing renovations, to “The Yellow House”                  

Long travels through, the countryside

Those paintings that, you did with pride

Enormous swings, from “Wheatfield’s In Rain”

To “Wheatfield With Crows”, that caused you pain                                                                              


For years you searched, just to belong      

Your madness proved, your choices wrong

So for Gauguin, your friend and peer

For his desertion, a severed ear

Then, long drunken hours, at “The Night Cafe”

A “Man In Sorrow” on display


 Like a “Windbeaten Tree” your emotions bared

Your faith now lost, but no one cared                          

Your world then flares, into sweeping swirls

As “The Starry Night” its hues unfurls

Beneath the sky “Sunflowers” so bright

But yet again, the dark sides blight


Those years of struggle, to regain your sanity

Brought your biggest loss, trust in humanity

So with colors dark, the image jaded

Your love and dreams, then finally faded                       

And now you weep “At Eternity’s Gate”

Your field of dreams, await their fate




The moral of his life

Now becomes, four fold

And lessons not then learned

Shall now by me, be told


When you lose in love

Your hand, you should not burn

Just because, it’s fried and crispy



Always, to your friends

Try to lend an ear

Just, don’t chop it off

And gift it, as a souvenir


If life just drives you crazy

And painting, keeps you sane

Just pretend, you’re painting life

And drink lots of champagne                     


When you’re young and life’s gone bad

Don’t put your life on hold

You do not need, to kill yourself

Unless, you’re really old


But no moral, can be learned

By committing suicide

Cause you can’t dream, nor paint your dream

Now, that you have died

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