You may think, we’re out of touch

But we don’t ask, for very much

For what you can, or cannot do

Is not yet left, up to you


Even though, we make the rules

It does not mean, that we are fools

For we worked hard, to earn the right

To try and make you, see the light


That’s our job, your life to guide

And not the dangers, from you hide

So if we’re right, or if we’re wrong

You must with us, go along


So try to be, a little kind

We’ve only got, you’re best in mind

No matter what, we’ve got your back

So if you could, cut us some slack


Unlike your friends, we’re always there

We only think, of your welfare

To live your life, as YOU may choose

You first must pay, all your dues

BOEMS by JA 55    

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