Why does your husband not love you



I met her, the godess of the vegetation and the one of empty and they were very bad to me for years

they would look at me and think I was powerful and their men, or the other goddess' that were not interested

in working in the farm, pulling out vegetables, and all of kinds of green and, red, and yellow even blew vegetables

they did not like that I was in the field of the man who did all the things to put more harship on my race, and that I did like that

I was ok with hardship and sleeping and then waking up early in the morning to start over again at the cold field of Euraisia, when

they said the Caspian sea, water was warm I could believe their deception to get people there so they throw them of the diving rock.


I jumped over the Niagara falls and knew as cold as the water was and much all the things that dealing with with me were there was

no God anymore there, not one single God. In India the land of many God's they sell their Gods love and understanding and compassion to people and countries that do not like, for reason unknown to me.


He slapped me when I talked of the right be, and say and talk into a camera that I love so much. I am here now in this land of the corrupt that they made into a place you are medicated for the lies like saying you suffer from a disease getting money from some people to buy their companies. Corruption is in a land that people feel good about asking for money and then talking about who gave them money and then asking for more money from the person to put them in jail. 


Some say "you live by the gun you die by the gun": here the death and taxes issue is sizzling with love and when you disobey an order you are a person who will be praised so much and given so much attentions and rewards: your way to to death( 6 feet under). You are expecting!


Where is your husband, why did he leave you? Why does he not talk you? Why do you lie to everyone about his name, his nationality, his work and his family. Why not tell your family that you are ok but that it is not that simple to kill you like that, just like that.


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