They Said

One day someone said,

"The sky is blue,"

And you could never see it any other way,

   -Because it's blue;

They said so.

Now you know

And knowing can be painful

  Even if you see the rain is coming,

'The sky is blue'

   Except for now.

(And that wasn't explained)

  --That didn't matter,

   The truth is spoken,

Sychronically shattered,

And 'truth' by Truth is broken.

Never mind the said so,

'Cause more than naught it don't apply

And the best way to take stock of things

Is to look up at the sky

  Cause they'll say

"It should turn out THIS way,"

   But no one knows-  

     and come the day,

The things that hold true

Show in bold through

           As we make our way

and that's just life.

   :   04/17/05

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-Learn How To Think Not What To Think-

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