The hiss and gurgle mirror groggy thoughts;

Reluctance to start,

Silently I think.

There's an idea...

...Shaking off the sleep, I wonder;

as though I might ask;

"Would you sound so tired

If you didn't wake me?"

To no response... 'Til with a sudden

Burst of steam, -A scoff-

A click, -A 'Tsk'

I sighed, and poured myself a cup.

Then I sat to contemplate this repremand of sorts

And took no notice as she crept,

Behind and by; for their discourse

-Another silent exchange...

"Remember..." she then said, and stopped;

(as if to do just that) Then shifted with a thought

Of depth and focus fit to spare

Three simple drops their fate.

While two escaped, the third, it stayed;

(I remember...) Holding on;

As her eyes followed mine, drifting down

To the floor where the fallen pair rested.

(I remember so much more...)

Inhaling sharply on her part; (I prayed she may recall as well)

But simple yawns betrayed my hope

As she asked "...where I put my keys?"

"But stay awhile!" I pleaded,

(she was having none of it)

"You don't even know

How I like my coffee."

-So I offered her my own

That she may find it to her liking,

But NOT A MOMENT from her lips,

All that I had shared had shattered.


Some days I can manage

When the remnants of those shards

Find their way out from the corners,

Then embed themselves as slivers,

Though not deeply in my feet...

...Not nearly so troublesome as an immacculate floor

That screams, "You never tried,

And you'll never know..."

Or that stained glass, testifying,

Once professing of her departure.

   :   08/15/05

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Nothing ventured, Nothing gained; So they say.

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