Summer Heat

Penelope sat in her ramshakle old shack;

It was springtime;

Time to plant the garden;

And hope it don't scorch too much this summer;

Or one of them storms come along and knock all the plants over;

If the shack gets wrecked she could always move to another;

Plenty sitting all over the place;

Some of them big contraptions strewn about;

Say they used to run on gasoline;

That's something nobody remembers seeing;

Penelope could dig with some rusty old tools;

Better than  making new ones out of stones;

And a bag of seeds she never lets out of sight;

The sun's coming up now;

Better get to work before it gets to hot and late;

Plenty of food for now;

And the shelter's ok;

Got to think ahead;

Tomorrow's another day.

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