Until You Smile


What’s there behind those teary eyes?
I saw them betray you
Was that love in disguise?
Your words – that I read ‘til I died
We’re they the bitter truth
Or we’re they subtle lies

Did you walk the city streets trying to find
That familiar face -- while you cried

Why make -
Me leave and stare from
Far away
Why let go of my hand
When all I wanted
Was just a little taste
(Of) those manic moments
Just staring at your face
‘til you smiled..

You stayed in the corners of my mind
(Yeah) you never left me
(That) I never need to find
Your love and you
When every thought you think
I know I think them too

Did you see - that face you’re trying to find
The one that stayed with you - all these time

But wait
I think you drifted
And you’ve strayed
But then you’re back again
To hold my hand and
To take me to that place
And captivate me
With that look on your face
when you smile

But wait
I thought we drifted
But we stayed
And now we’re back again
Come hold my hand and
Take me to that place
Then captivate me
With that pretty face
And that smile

Let me live there for a while
There’s no more reason to cry
But I’ll be sad until you smile


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song I wrote. Please visit the recording here:

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