Dear Husband

I was surrounded by nothingness;
Trapped in a world
That didn't understand me.
I constantly worried
That I wouldn't live up to
My own impossible expectations:
Of life, of love,
Dreams coming true.
Everything seemed impossible
Until I met you.
Now everyday I look forward
To a future that seems brighter
Just because you are in it.
We don't have riches,
We don't have fame,
But what we have together
Cannot be measured with money or reputation.
You get me in a way that
Most people do not fathom.
Your heart understands
What my heart desires most:
To be loved inspite of my many flaws,
To belong to someone so completely
That without them life would suddenly feel
Disjointed and unreal.
You are the soulmate that
I have searched for
All my life.


Brandy Noelle Souza

June 1, 2014

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