Life was perfect,
Everything falling in it's place.
I had hope, love, dreams that seemed to be coming true,
And a good ol' smile on my face,
I had love, peace and happiness,
I had many great friends,
It seemed things were finally going right
But I forgot how in jut one single moment it all ends
Life as we know it stops
The walls came crumbling down,
One moment everything is perfect,
The next moment,it's all smashed on the ground.
What now? How do we pick up and start over?
How do we say goodbye to it all and start anew?
Sweep away the mess our lives have become,
Pick up the pieces and hope there is something left to cling to?
How do we put this behind us,
How do we stop worrying about what is in store?
How do we let go of the things and people in our lives?
Lead this nightmare right out the door.
Most of all, how do we go back to the perfection that once was our dreams coming true?
We turned our eyes for just a second and stumbled
Now we are left starting over with nothing
As our hopes and dreams lie crumbled.
This is just another of life's tests
And like so many times before, I will make it through.
I'm tough and I've been down this trail before.
I'll be fine as long as I always have you.

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