In the Woods

The evergreen, the Ponderosa, the Sequoia
Tower so high—so great,
So high they reach out to lightning fate.
High up, birds hover near the nest;
Far beneath them, peace and quiet gives us rest.
They even hide us from the stars,
From Venus, Jupiter, or Mars.

We tranquil land bound creatures search,
Enveloped in our tree-branch church;
We are so impotent, so puny, frail,
Surrounded by these trees and trail.
We rest on beds of branches and leaves,
As if to hide from bandits or thieves.

Truly memorable this short nature tour,
A momentary gift … a lure,
Then back to life’s reality … so soon,
Under the watch of a friendly moon.
Now daily chores and obligations
Erase the pleasure of man’s primal sensations.
The rustic forest shall wait
Those who search beyond heaven’s gate.

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