The Veteran

Pity the poor slob
Who waddles like a dragged dog
Head bowed to the pavement
A gray, jagged, worn-out jacked
Unkempt, weather-beaten, a comical caricature
Performing like an uphill skier
Tail waggles no more, in ignorance, nor euphoric happiness
Having shed his human values
Decimated, beaten, succumbed, downtrodden
His haven and home long ago not accommodating
The free spirit broken with disease, lethargy, drugs
Rejected most help, love lost long ago
Now just a replica in the mirror of a puddle
Degradation, stagnation, self-affliction
All encompassed in this hull of a creature
Mumbling, incoherent, yet precariously
Slugging it out like a drunkard finding his uneven course

We know why! We know when!
He was an honored veteran who lost his way
and much more

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