Return from Undertow

I’m mesmerized; the rush of foamy ocean wave
Stare at the horizon; tip toe so deep, so brave
Dare tread deeper on the rocks and shells
Suddenly to my neck a salty brew now wells

So hard each step now to retrieve
With jaundice eye much disbelief
As buckets wail into my very spine
Must accept a watery decline

Leave me in peace without demand
The burden nature makes me understand
For all my struggles, aches and pains
Most forgetful and fewer gains

I panic, turn to face the undertow
Return to beach thrashing, as best I know
Scramble to shore full of terror and fear
The ocean could have swallowed me and I’d disappear

Surrounded by my friends, a glass of wine
Inevitable lifetime scare just in the nick of time
Complacent, haughty now, knocked off my stool
I should know better, this experimental fool

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