Suppress the Negative

Your close friend
Your alter ego
Your shadow
Your conscience

Dare you harbor dark thoughts?
When sunbeams dot, dance and sparkle
When clear, cool air brisks by
Concentrate and focus that bleak, dark thought
Do it and unfreeze this gloom

Yes, it’s hard to change thoughts
Why not be a bit prophetic?
Infuse the positive, the good, the hopeful
Into honest deeds and doing
Into the positive, meaningfulness of now

Change for the better!
A struggle, well worth the result
Dissolve deadly thoughts
Let them evaporate, disappear
Follow your positive, active instincts

Keep cool active, no temper
There’s a good world out there
Take the next step, and then the next
Build, manage, change, ascend
Each step toward the beautiful open gate

That awaits you.

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