Another Disgraced President (Clinton)

Impeachment with reason and
The testimony devastating, the law
He, the beholder and guardian of the law
Lied, purged the personal
that’s the flow
No stealing, no wars, fantastic leader
Cheated on his wife, covered up
lied the nation and the reader
Caught in the act of fondling
Sent regret, admitted shame
Censure, reprimand, diminished soon his
Still he’s not infamous, vindicated
To world and child to lie is wrong
Deny the lie, get caught now plead
a tragic song
Mercy and forgiveness are now the
masses choice
The senate, solemnly now votes
must listen to their inner voice
Bravo great pleader Mr. President
Your knowledge, perseverance in the people
Do approve and assert
Your speeches, legislation and divisiveness resent
You brilliant, knowable, personable speaker
An ever charming talent
A gem, persuasive , hard to replace
Plead guilty, move on
Pertains in any case
Why should man who has
100 victories
Be soon removed with failure of but one
We on the stage, tradition soon
often leader remover
political life undone
Meak final line Mr. President
The nation’s millions bid you well
A well deserved second chance
You are their friend, cooled off
a close and warm man
Under the stars and heaven will all know
A trust that’s broken is a heavy blow
Still friend, doer, leader
most of all
Win over those who voted for you
Finish your term, never again beseech
your call
There are believers
Overlook, forgive deceivers
For you have won and lost
Impeach for lying is the higher cost
Go back to work, meet with your cabinet
From now on be more careful
with whom you go to bed.
Control your urges learn
Dishonesty and sexual enticement spurn
You still have 30 – 40 years to go
We loved your exhibition, leadership
Worldwide, pragmatic most enticing show.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written during President Clinton's impeachment proceedings.

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