Meaning Between the Lines

Careful when you read between the lines, unsaid
Conjecture often just assumed instead
An air of erudition and suspense
Unsure of inner meaning in this stance

For we write cautiously often indirect
Ashamed of honest error and neglect
So couch a message bearer can’t interpret
Duplicity and cagy words unfit

But if in truth we call a spade a spade
Tread on perception, honesty that may create much hate
Or jealousy or envy and revenge
And leave the truthful writer misery and stench

So some debate and study bible all their life
For meaning and interpretation strive
Or what did Shakespeare really mean?
The hidden in between perception curious and keen.

So next time when an email or letter sent
Do not leave innuendos, empty spaces cause they matter
Be careful for direct thought may provoke
And label you a callous most inconsiderate bloke.

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