It Takes Balls to Live

Life is a ball, bouncing – retrieving
You never know how far it goes
How it bounces
Like your hopes and aspiration
So you learn, prepare
and like a ball roll around
Just when you want to pick it up
Your dog beats you to it
But if you trained your dog
he will run, return it and dutifully wiggle his tail
Of course like in life
You have to learn how to hit the ball skillfully
Present striking and
Bases loaded – homerun
Your team wins
But that’s dreaming
Luck maybe – not so easy
Go practice, live a little
Hone your skills, challenge,
Roll that bouncing ball – strike OK
But then again in rough weather
Watch out for an ice shower of hail
If you ever played dodge ball
Well you do it every day in life
Try not to get hit, persevere
Yes it takes balls to stand up
Fight for your principles, go hit your home run!
Win a little but keep playing.
What other choice do you have?

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