There Was a Time

There was a time when elections mattered
Old and new immigrants scattered, accepted
Hope for our country was paramount
With happy businesses all abound

(No gangs nor shoot-outs all around)

There was a time of peace and rest
Where hope and prosperity were blessed
We lived in dignity, respect, routine
Murder and rape were never seen

There was a time of courtship, sweet
When banana splits were one great treat
Where after many dates you’d steal a kiss
In safety of your family, full of bliss

There was a time where all did work
Be it janitor, teacher, driver, clerk
And human dignity and pride ranked high
No deadly shot disturbed from a drive-by

There was a time of hope and prayer
Where neighbors helped and all did care
In nature’s beauty we picked our fruit
Only hunters were out to shoot

There was a time of faith
Of manners, attitudes and grace
Where love and marriage lasted
And honor, friendship not out-casted

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