Gusts, sheets of nighttime torrential rain
Incessant loud thrashing wet
Continuous, heavy drumming sound
Proud most defying
Never dying
Everywhere, pools of soggy wet
The rows of silvery pearls bounce on their target
Receptive leaves deliver the cool liquid
Like teaspoon medicine gone wrong Drip-drop unto the ground
A distant thunder (barely audible) pronounced eerie Evidence of more to come.
Roof drains rasping, moving into lower level places
Spill the translucent moving liquid
The rivulets into roaring dirty, erratic waves
A torrent monster, unstoppable Umbrella, roof, cover!
Nature's foreboding warning, a buzzing noise
Soon ebb and flow diminish
Rain-flood, so omnipotent has its own life
Sending a message
We huddle, under cover, trying to listen to music or TV
We are aware of nature's brunt
We are dry!
We are safe - for now
Then drip drip ping.
The gutter rattles, the window pane repels Is it ever over?
Can you not feel it as it wets your cheek?
The downpour rushes into the creek
The sneakers soaked - moist - wet
Mother nature once again won the bet

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