Celebrate Now

I want to carve myself into the book of immortality
My epitaph: "Live, love and learn."
Join my dance with my soul in rhythmic splendor
Erase the agony of loneliness, hopelessness
Celebrate my life, now, in the moment I may topple from the pinnacle of success
Thrashing into the gloom of utter despair
Only to rise again to celebrate

But what if I never reach these lofty heights? What if I stay as "everyman" doing my thing
Work, love, rejoice in the chorus for the world
Almost gratified with what I have and not have
Simply a teacher, a businessman, a family man
Following a daily routine
Still a slave to the system in which I live

Dangling at the cliff, barely holding on
Best now to let go, fall into the icy water below
Swim in the torturous stream of humanity
Then quickly dry
They say an angel saved me
I can barely appreciate the magnificence of the scenery about
Just want to return home to warmth and comfort
Someone filmed my fall, scattered it on the Internet
Live in the flick, in time set

Who wants immortality anyhow after it's over?

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