Rambling For a Better, Safer World

So much, so good, so now
So do, so make, know how
What unknown fate did bring me here?
In fear I act like my life is dear

To coin a phrase
Describe a place
Portend of global warning, so sad
Imbalance of our earth that's bad

Calamity of chemicals all ignored
In oceans, atmosphere, death is stored
Some of us are too busy making a living
Most of us are a generous lot and giving

Much easier to forget
Why worry, guiltily fret
OK to sing out of tune
While love and lovers swoon

Learn how to use the new inventions
To tease and stumble now with good intentions
Along the way earn new treasures
Devote to happiness, and health leisure

Conditioned, I share, I do my part
I'll do my job, love it with a lighter heart
For now I too want to simply be free
Along the way I'll be a happier me

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