Peace, Silence Within

All stands still
An inner silent – space
Only the heart throb, the silent beat
A time of momentary rest
Indecisiveness – spaced out
Relaxation time – think – creative ideas
Where nothing matters, even the soul rests
But you, find that inner peace
Noise and demands are shut off

Only the quiet self is listening
A personal rendezvous with nirvana
As if time and space stand still
The computer down
Active mind at rest
All can wait
Jobs, business –
Even heaven is a witness – absent
For I decide my fate, my future

All dissipates far too soon
All quiet as snowflakes
Sheer blanket of whiteness to be illustrated
Peace within peace
A momentary calm

Your own precious skull and thoughts
with passion, vision and love
Until the outside world invades
and turns you into a n occupied, frazzled being
Dancing blindly to nature’s tune of habit
and demand
Busy, buying, building, bleeding
All about a noisy cacophony
Blind thought, reason, peace
How I ache for the quiet stillness
The free spirit in my silent corner

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