From Six Feet Under

Irritated for trophies and punishment
You so vibrant, violet, alive
I whisper wearily from six feet under
My silent spirit permeates the air
“Careful, braggadocio, gluttony
must pay the price
You human wits – labor laborious
Plan, scheme, device
Your nest 1000, ten thousand feet big
Crammed full of good and gadgets
For how long
Move to a larger abode
than smaller until you lie next to
me for all eternity
In hush silent spirit

Go while breath and energy at your disposal
Plan, fastidiously for good results
Soaring success brazen in your fabulous face
let vibrant chemical bugs chime
love songs and idyllic rendezvous
let smiles and laughter overcome your body
For you are chosen special
For in all of gods creatures, you exceed
create, device, adopt
More so than all the lions, tigers
Chimpanzee and Orangutans
My spirit now beneath your skin
Inside your head

For good, clear clarity warm your heart
Away from the war mongers
The non-believers who preach the gospel
of power and war
Who relish conflict and lap up the remnants of world destruction
go back into yourself my spirit urges
Patronize your good feelings,
nourish well-earned satisfaction,
shine, love – love lots and genuine
partake in the arts of your society
See the world, travel

Soothe the pain – outward and inner
for you are human
you procreate – but you are
momentary – you are temporary
and as you daily rise
you will fall
but never your spirit determinate
you have been chosen in this time
this place to participate in the greatest theater of life.
Go-play your parts
and when your time comes
your spirit will mesh with mine for eternity
And we will blend into the universe in our gaseous form

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