Delirious, desperate nonsense with a touch of truth
Brain drain into the atmosphere or outer space
The millions of connections in my cranium, upstairs
Partially short circuit, convoluted and spontaneous
Thinking of fallacies, foolish and fanatic
Like bareback or side saddle, no, no horse for me
Lost in a crappy mountain hotel abandoned

Damn hot blossoming bombshell
Search for electric companionship
Some mystic spiritual connection
Exude extreme feelings of passion, desire
Blood ritual, tested friend - floating in space
Insecure, in danger, unsure, eager to escape
As if I was marked by demons
That special attractive, binding chemistry
Then mine as a recluse to some tiny corner, somewhere
Safer now - celebrate more creative calm
Into a word of meditation, of contemplation
Not immune to the witch’s temptations
Away from ideology, war, conflict, stress and danger
Into the self-exile of Nirvana
In search of self-satisfaction, spontaneity
That well-earned peaceful soul of the moment
In some corner of this earth
Even if it means leaving this vault forsaken place

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