Carnival Ride

A silent self-centered smile
“I am alive! I am full, a whole bowl
of popcorn consumed – who wouldn’t?”
It’s as if I stepped on a carnival ride –
round, round with a knotted stomach
While teenagers shout with hilarity
Reluctant & acceded to Ben’s request –
“Go Opa. It’s OK, it won’t hurt!”
Little did that 11 year old surmise as I
I belted myself in, while static glimmer
The rowdy color crowd about
The ride started slowly, the centrifugal action
On my psyche. Hell rather be on the moon
Moves at speed & fury
“it seems that head and blood under skull
Were separate, a temporary dizzy affect
Spin – spin
“won’t – it – ever – stop!”
The contraption slowed to a stop
Groggily I tramped out
No deal for the eleven year old
But at 16 going on 80 it’s self-punishment
At its best

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