No entombment like in Pharaoh’s time
Yet I, you, most victim of isolation
Somewhere over there, Washington, London
Someone else is pulling the strings

Restrictions on travel, money exchange
Careful what you say or do
Want to keep your job? Don’t protest!
They have a dossier on you, your family!

But I am a citizen. My family served in the war.
Never mind. It’s all for your own good – so they say.
No green card? Welfare? Get paid under the table?
Been here in the good old US 17 years, two kids born here!

There is an ominous dark cloud hanging over us now.
Careful what you read, say, or even do.
Don’t get arrested! Should I go back to my birth country?
I belong here! Darn it! I will stay, in fear yet, but I will stay

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