Oh Spirit

Come, spirit, entice and dance with me
Let me embrace, be embraced by your look
And share your untold tales
Of seduction, conquest and decapitation,
For in your glitzy world
Shadows, bad omens
And eeriness all protrude

Oh, spirits, dance with me
A dance of hope and valor
Electrifying, gyrating, smooth of step
Into a lost world full of secrets
Oh yes, tease me, please me to the heights of ecstasy
Wild cravings now satisfied
Like a splendid feast to be digested

Come, spirits, for a moment let me forget
My compatriots, my world of undertows
Instead, expand the world of wonder
Mix the colors so that I may be inebriated
Yet I have not drunk; show me the bright path
With ease, like magic, an inner eerie world
Of souls so magnificent and spirits to lift me up

For I, too, love life and all its values
And, as I float upon the placid waves of wonderment
Let me land on safe shores and be welcomed
In spirit and in body with cool calmness,
Wondrous, joyous, amorous
Searching for the diamond of peace within

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