Government Eyes

Surveillance, by the government
No oversight
Somewhere, somehow you are guilty
Talked to a radical
Talked to a felon
Talked to a foreigner
All in innocence, yet Big Brother is listening in
Where is our 1st amendment rights?
Freedom of speech, of suspicion?
Are we in a cyber war, secret enemy
El Qaida or somewhere in Africa or South America?
Is our privacy shot?
No more secret escapades
Or shady dealings
Still, for the sake of security , turn over
Google, AOL, everyone in the government
I say this is awfully dangerous
What a new country of suspicion we are
The pendulum swings both ways
Edgar Hoover knew and ….

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written years before surveillance on a colossal scale was exposed in the USA in June 2013, but supposedly not abused!!

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