[]An Image of Wisdom []

English Ray


the house was our playground,

joking laughing,

jumping, fighting,

no one gets tired or sad,

What a lovely days,,,,,

She remained me,

voluble asking about my voluble,,,( my lover ),,

By the highness of Allah,at each ends,one night she red, my eyes,

She brought me to the past,

We brought a poem form our time,

And, viewed it together,she wanted me to bring it out

from the eyebrows for you,

I then went saying and she is writing,

a seven years old, boy,wet as the Brach of a tree,

He was looking for,a passing by WISDOM,

He came to her,as stated from the start,

He kissed her hands,and said to her,you will be the

focal points of roads,my eyes for her,

She looked so sweet,,kind, lovely,powerful,

just perfect and her family, comes next to her,

He was so young in the neighborhood,

fighter with a big body boy,

and defeated him , with faith,,

His family,if they know about him,they would not like it,

for their neighborhood respect,

dad might cut me to pieces,

but not my neighbor,,

be disturbed,

the mom of the other boy , complained, to him mom,,

She hold her  ( 7 ) years old boy ,

from his shoulder

and stared clapping him

This time,

what he was looking for from the start,

came back,he seen her,she gives all what she got,,,

the young boy gave it ( a stick )to his mom,

to harden the claps,and say take this if your tired

watching the reflection of his mom facials,,,

seeing the fact of wisdom,she looked so sweet,kind,lovely,powerful,

just perfect ,and her family, comes next to her,

God blesses won’t come if they wont agree

when his valuable lover,heard this,he could see her eyes,the quite sorrow,so sad

She said,

Continue,I said yes he had seen his mom cry and yells,how did this happened image of wisdom.The soul,kept quite, recalling the, sentences and words,

and remember the wisdom ,,,

Her heart is his home,she had what he is looking for,

Shallow, is not my aim,seas could be seen very deep from the fear,

and shallow by the unfair.

You might fallow the moon at night,looking up in the sky,

and the moon is laid down on top of sea waters, not a major scale,,,

unknown depths, is the unknowns,,,,

Ways of pation, are lots,might get closed ones ,or, more,the doors of the skies are opened at any times you ask for,the little boy asked from his Lord to let him be a thankful servant,knowing that he will get more




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