[] Patience and the Battle []

English Ray

It's a selected word

Described as

A type to build the joints

The vision of the cowards,

might be blocked by a cloud of fear

Time expands to be longer

Accepting the events as they are

Collect the well in a singing tone,

punctually time is there riding tool

Self controlled to be happily ever and ever

Wisdoms are known by their obesity,

it is for the wisdom like

There is a link between both

Strongly tighten each other

like a chain

a nice format like a the stars and they are a like

a cover and a beauty shelled and a glory shines

seem like

The black spot in the eye

(depending on the colors of the eyes)

From an old wisdom words

printed on the foundations of time

Wise people stay

Forming lead to the history,

and the future

They will be the wetness

nice gifted wisdom forming

Cold clouds covering the whole people

Lights glues from a worshiping stars

from the wombs wishes do not look like wombs

Singing wishes get born.

Mad loses

lost the ownership







Sun of sa

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